Friday, April 10, 2009

So last night I had a major dream come true- We were able to see Wicked, playing downtown at the capital theater! (thanks to our good friend Sandy, who has his thumb on all of the theater happenings- Thanks Sandy!!) anyhoo, it was amazing, wonderful, fabulous, etc. etc. Doug has a client who owns a hotel downtown, so if Wicked and dinner was not enough we got to stay in a really "suite" room (ha ha) for FREE! and if there is one thing that I have tried to teach my children it is "take advantage of free" (thanx to Holly H. for that one! thanks Holl, I always try to take your advice!) It was a blast to play tourist in my own sweet SLC. The Farley's love you SALT LAKE CITY! Oh, and good thing that our hotel room was bigger than Mary's ginormous steak!!

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